With the incredible protected natural beauty right outside our doors here in Washington state, ultrarunning adventurer Sam Thompson (the first person ever to run 51 marathons in all 50 states plus D.C. in 50 days) and all around adventurer Brock Gavery (one of Outside Magazine’s 2008 “Fittest Real Men in America”) have teamed up once again to tackle some serious expedition adventure right in their Pacific Northwest backyard playground.  Army Ranger and Mountaineer Gavin Woody will also now be joining the voyage, so we welcome our 3rd team member to make this a true Triple Threat.

With plans to tackle Mt. Rainier like it’s never been seen before, the Rainier Triple Threat seeks to inspire others to find as much adventure as they desire right out their back door.  Our journey began with the team riding our bicycles from our homes in Seattle to the base of Mt. Rainier at Paradise (~120 miles).  We then geared up for a single push climb of the iconic Mt. Rainier.  Following our descent, we embarked on the third leg of the Triple Threat- circling Rainier by running the awe-inspiring 93 mile Wonderland Trail.  In the spirit of the many adventurers who have gone before us, we hope to inspire others to find their own personal adventure and tackle their own goals, whatever those might be. 

“It’s not the goal, but the way there that matters, and the harder the way there, the more worthwhile the journey.” – Wilfred Thesiger


August 20-23, 2010 ... join the backyard adventure!

Go outside- that’s all you have to do!

Rainier Triple Threat was a success! Media and updates coming soon!